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Through the efforts of Creative Liaison and owner, Glory (Douglass) Reinstein, the music of independent artists has received national attention. MBM's small record label, Malletts Bay Records, has released three compilation projects including "Twists & Bends", as well as Patrick Fitzsimmons release, "Hope Is".  Glory's Nashville connections helped get the song "Train Whistle" (written by Hotels & Highways) into the hands of Missouri-based bluegrass band, The Hillbenders (Compass Records), which was the first single from their album "Can You Hear Me?".

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Throughout her adult life, Glory (Douglass) Reinstein has been an avid listener and supporter of independent music, particularly in her native state of Vermont.  Her love for independent artists began with her own son, Gregory Douglass.  Watching him and other local artists struggle to be heard, she started Bluebird Promotions (now Malletts Bay Music) to help promote them.  

Because of her efforts, Glory has capitalized on her many contacts in the industry and continues to provide independent artist support.  She  is a member of the Americana Music Association and is affiliated with ASCAP and BMI as a publisher. 

Glory completed online course work for a Music Business Specialist Certificate through Berklee College of Music in Boston working under the tutelage of George Howard (founder of Rykodisc Records, Entertainment Attorney, Educator, Admin for Carly Simon's catalog). 

During her previous career as a music educator, Glory garnered four awards including Vermont Music Educator of the Year.  She has held several music leadership positions as well as coordinating music festivals.  She was recently named Director of Licensing at Song And Film. Glory and her husband now reside in San Diego, CA. 

Please contact Glory here for more information.  Visit her blog at:  Malletts Bay Music Blog


“Three things come to mind when I think of my interactions with Glory: her passion for music and songwriters, her enthusiasm for spreading the word about people she works with, and her tireless effort seen in how hard she works--it is all truly inspiring.”
-Merlin David, M Music & Musicians Magazine

"The songwriters associated with Glory are some of the most unique and talented songwriters I've ever had the pleasure of discovering.  Every one of their songs from every one of their writer's has so much heart and soul in their lyrics, along with extremely well crafted melodies.  Being located in Nashville and working within the music 'biz,' I literally listen to thousands of songs for my work because I HAVE to.  However, with the songs by these Vermont songwriters, I find myself listening to their songs because I WANT to.....and I'm listening often!"  
-Kenneth Johnson, Sharp Objects Entertainment, Nashville, TN

"The heart of Malletts Bay Music, Glory works tirelessly to make sure the voices of her artists are heard.  Her selfless dedication to indie music is a rare find in the business, and her personal connections to her artists and industry professionals are genuine.  Whether it's through radio promotion, or shopping our songs to TV/Film licensing opportunities, Glory seeks to help her artists make a living making art. Hotels & Highways was thrilled when The Hillbenders (Compass Records), chose to cover our song "Train Whistle" as their lead single- all thanks to Glory."
-Lisa Piccirillo of Hotels & Highways
"I love working with Glory.  Her passion and her ideas are inspiring. It is amazing how much time and energy she has put into my career for what is an extremely reasonable membership fee!  I have released my latest CD on her label and I really feel that it is in very caring, capable hands."
-Patrick Fitzsimmons, Singer/Songwriter
"Glory is passionate about her mission to promote Vermont artists' music. Getting their music beyond the borders of Vermont and into the hands of industry folk around the world is of primary importance. Malletts Bay Music offers a multitude of services for reasonable membership fees. I am really looking forward to working with Glory and Colin McCaffrey on the up-coming music compilation featuring some of Vermont's incredibly talented artists."
-Lane Gibson, Owner/Engineer, Lane Gibson Recording and Mastering, Charlotte, Vermont
"If anyone had any doubts about live and local when it comes to entertainment, last nights (Nov. 18) "Twists and Bends" CD release party at Higher Ground in So. Burlington (VT) was a great example of the incredible talent we have here in Vermont."
-Jack Donovan, WDEV

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