Erin "Syd" Sidney

PRO: Number Five With A Bullet/ASCAP
SYD--is a singer/songwriter from Vermont whose love of "indie rock", driving rhythms and 50's pop has separated him from the growing legions of boys wielding guitars. After playing hundreds of shows a year since 2002, selling a combined 3000 physical copies of his first two records and an astonishing 23,000 digital downloads, Syd brought his band (drummer Sam Smith, now Ben Folds' throne man and guitarist Dylan Allen, now also living in New York) into the deep woods of Chelsea, VT to record in a gutted barn what would become 2007's "The Way We Found It" a record that re-defines the sound Syd has been honing all these years. Produced by They Might Be Giants' Danny Weinkauf, "The Way We Found It" is a new sound, and altogether familiar. Since the release of The Way We Found It, Syd released one more EP called "Upswing" featuring four power pop tunes a la Weezer or Fountains of Wayne. After supporting that release he's moved his attention to other musical pursuits. He plays frontman less and is more often spotted in the studio producing albums (Zac Clark, Mia Dyson, Gregory Douglass, Lisa Piccirillo), playing drums with bands like The Pullmen (a country punk band) and Mia Dyson or touring with the acclaimed cabin-born folk/rock band Hotels & Highways as a drummer and principal songwriter or-- "the guy that plays guitar, drums, and sings at the same time." Words to live by.

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