Tired of having to do everything yourself as an indie artist?  Tired of paying high fees if you are getting help?  MBM might be able to help without charging ‘an arm and a leg’!


The goal is to help promote artists through radio promotion and press. Owner, Glory Reinstein, has cultivated friendships with many radio music and program directors throughout the US as well as a few in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.  Glory will also assist you with a variety of other services including help with copyrighting your songs or setting up your publishing at one of the PRO's.


Ready to ask for a helping hand and become a member?  Click here to apply!


If you are accepted, an agreement with more specific info will be sent to you as well as the annual membership fee.


Have questions?  Send an email with your phone number and the best time to reach you.


For an annual membership fee, artists will receive:

  • A presence on this website (photo, bio, links to your sites)
  • Your music embedded in various playlists for music industry folks
  • Publicity for two of your own events per year
  • One radio promotion campaign
  • General promotion for you and your music through newsletters and social media
  • Pertinent industry information sent to you on an occasional basis
  • Help copyrighting your songs and/or setting up your own publishing with a PRO or filling out SoundExchange forms



*Non-members may acquire services for set fees. Call for details.

**Interested in music licensing? Apply at http://www.songandfilm.com
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