Fresh Greenes

Location: Vermont

Genre: Americana | Blues-Rock

New Release: "Town of Dreams"

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Chris and Juliana Greene are a father-daughter duo who's collaborative efforts result in a blend of genres and colliding eras, bringing old school rock and roll, folk, and blues up to meet modern lyrics and stylistic elements. The duo began playing music together in 2010 after Juliana graduated from college and moved back to Vermont, where they had the opportunity to write and arrange their songs together to perform around the state and ultimately begin recording. Their latest is a five song EP that demonstrates the range and force behind their musical abilities, from the emotive strings in Dancing Demons to the vengeful pain of the breakup in "Mercy" and the bitterly tongue-in-cheek "Please Don't Say It Again." There is the lighthearted "Old Fashioned Blues" about a way to reconcile "old school" versus "contemporary" tastes in music, and of course, "Digame Querida" (Tell me Dear), which describes an evening spent in a magical western Mission Town.

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