Hotels & Highways

PRO: Number Five With a Bullet/ASCAP (Erin Sidney/Syd)
Daydream Queen Music/ASCAP (Lisa Piccirillo)
Ten 24 Pack Music/ASCAP (Patrick Thomas Cupples)
HOTELS & HIGHWAYS--At a crucial moment of quiet intensity, the members of Hotels & Highways heard the wind rustling the trees in their headphones. For any other project it would have been an unwelcome signal to cut the take short and try again when there was golden silence. Instead, the three newly-committed band members smiled at their good fortune and carried on playing, the wind and trees now indelible partners in the song’s performance. It was September 2010 and Erin "Syd" Sidney, Lisa Piccirillo and Patrick Thomas Cupples were getting to be well-versed in letting their temporary home in the woods be a part of the creative process. They’d come to a lakeside cabin in New York to fulfill a mutual, career-long dream of living together while recording an album. Real-time support for the group evolved into validation that only a proper release would do this music justice. Through the use of fan-funding website Kickstarter, the band raised over $13,000 (far surpassing their goal of $10,000) to finance the remaining production on their album and a corresponding national tour. With this massive vote of confidence from their fan base, Hotels & Highways' cabin-grown debut, "Lost River" (Co Op Records), hit digital stands on March 8, 2011. Leaving behind the sounds of that lake in New York, the band shared the spirit that defines them and lived up to their name with a 6-week tour of the US, including a showcase at SXSW in Austin, TX, March 2011.  Bluegrass group, The Hillbenders (Compass Records) covered H&H's "Train Whistle" as their first single.  Syd, Lisa, and Patrick have all released solo albums.
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