In April 2014, Sam released his second album “Wanted Man”.  It, like his previous album “Green Mountain Flyer”, is a rich collection of original songs, as well as some covers. He describes the songs as country-folk portraits of people and their relationships with each other and with the land of rural America. Since moving to Springfield, VT in 1987, Sam has honed his singing and guitar-playing skills of the stages of festivals, farmers’ markets, taverns, and ski areas throughout Southern Vermont and New Hampshire, as well as summertime performances in west-central Minnesota. 

After a performance at the 14th Annual Roots On The River Festival in 2013, promoter Ray Massucco commented, “Sam has written some truly great songs, and he has a very professional stage presence, with a warmth and personal touch that makes him a crowd favorite.  He is certainly one of the incredibly talented local musicians who make up our very vibrant music scene here in the southern Vermont area”.
Sam’s songs are crafted so that they work when performed solo, or when arranged with a full band as on his two albums.  You can take a breathtaking Fall foliage ride with Sam on the Green Mountain Flyer at this link:
Visit Sam’s website at for more info including song credits, lyrics, and photos.
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